Using the Verifier User Role

A Verifier User allows a user to login to multiple Site App Pro accounts using the same login details

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What is a Verifier User? 

A Verifier User is a User Role you can use that has restricted access across multiple accounts, this is perfect for a Health & Safety Consultant who may monitor multiple Site App Pro accounts. A Verifier User Role means you can be set up as a Verifier with the same email address & password in multiple Site App Pro accounts, that way you don't need a different email address for each account you Verify. 

A Verifier User gives you the ability to access: 

  • Both the Admin Console & Mobile App 
  • Ability to look at Reports 

Verifiers don't have the ability to: 

  • Adding/Editing Staff or Users
  • Viewing Payment details 
  • Filling in Forms on the app 

You can select a Verifier to be added with a Staff Record, this will give them the ability to get a pin number, which means they will have the ability to sign off forms on the app.

How to add a Verifier? 

A Verifier is added just like any other User: 

  1. Go to Team & Users
  2. Set them up as a new user by clicking the green plus icon 
  3. Click the second icon (the one with the square & person in it) 
  4. Add their Email Address & set them a password
  5. Add their First & Last name 
  6. Set their user role as Verifier 
  7. If you want this user to have the ability to complete forms, then you can tick the box to add a Staff Record for the account too.

Switch Account Shortcut for Verifiers

If you are set up as a Verifier user you can very easily switch between accounts using our SWITCH tool. 

Switching between accounts on the Mobile: 

  1. Click the Menu icon (three lines in top left corner) 
  2. Click SWITCH
  3. Select the account you want to access 

Switching between accounts on the Admin Console: 

  1. Click the Account icon (face icon in the top right corner) 
  2. Click SWITCH
  3. Select the account you want to access 

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