Viewing Saved forms on the Mobile

You can view up to 30 days of completed forms straight from the App 

Every form you complete on the app will be stored in your Site App account, up to 30 days of this data will be stored straight from the app so you can view and edit it from your pocket. 

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Saved Forms 

The Saved Forms tab on the app shows you the forms that have been completed on the site you are currently on. By default it automatically shows you only the forms you have completed, you can change this too. You can find your Saved Forms on the app by: 

  1. Logging in 
  2. Select the Site you want to view the Saved Forms of 
  3. Clicking the menu icon in the top left corner 
  4. Clicking Saved Forms 

Mini Form Reports

Create mini Form Reports straight from the mobile app. These are perfect for if you have any high-risk checks that you want to keep a close eye on, or if you need to keep up to date with what's happened on previous days. 

To set up your Mobile Form Report: 

  1. Go to Saved Forms 
  2. Click the clipboard icon 
  3. Click the orange plus button to add a new report 
  4. Click select form 
  5. Choose the form you want to make into a report 
  6. Select up to 5 questions to add into your Form Report 
  7. Click next to generate the report 
  8. Click Save 
  9. Click on the Report to view it 

You'll also see the Form Report icon pop up in your Forms, if you've set up a form as a Report then you can get a shortcut to the Report by clicking on the Form Report icon.

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