Follow Up Actions

Assign a follow-up action to a team member and attach a form to be completed or resource to be viewed. 

When adding a Blue Action Required note to a form, you can now set a follow-up task by using a Follow-up Action. This is an action that you would like a team member to complete, which can also be assisted by an attached form or resource. 


You are the Site Foreman and are conducting the daily pre-start. A team member answers No to Does everyone have the appropriate training for today's task?. 

What you can do is: 

  1. Click the blue note button to explain that they haven't had the correct training for today 

  2. Click Add a follow-up action saying complete this form once you are trained to show your understanding
  3. Click Add an Ad-Hoc form and select your relevant training form 

  4. Click Assign to and select your team members name 
  5. Click the tick and save the form 

This tool can work for many different scenarios, whether you need to complete a Risk Assessment after discussing some new risks in your Toolbox Talk, set a follow up after a site Inspection, need someone to complete a training form after a near miss of incident. 

Once the form has been saved the user will get a notification looking like this: 

Note: If a Follow-Up Action is assigned to a team member (without their own login details) instead of a user, then everyone will receive a notification. 

Viewing Follow-Up Actions 

Once a follow-up action has been created you can then track it to monitor its completion. When the person has completed this task it will show in a few places. This can be done in a few different ways: 

  1. Activity Stream shows when you have a Blue Note & a Follow-Up Action 

  2. You can check the Message Console on the Admin Console to see if the task has been done 
  3. Reports keep an updated Message console with Follow-Up Actions Completion Status. This is on the Summary Reports page on the Admin console. 

  4. Check on the Teams Staff Training Summary. This is on the Team & Users tab on the Admin Console, open a profile and click on Training History. 

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