User Specific Pre-Starts & Site Inductions

Prompt your team to complete & view their latest Pre-Start & Inductions through our check-in & out feature. 

If you use our check-in & out feature then you will have the ability to use the User-Specific forms. These forms are user-specific, so each user will get their own fresh form that only they can complete. They will then be able to click back on the Check-in button to see the form and check if they have completed it (this is super helpful to work out whether you've completed your Site Induction or not!) 

There are two forms in this section: 

  • Personal Pre-Start | Each user will get a new Personal Pre-Start per day, per site. 
  • Site Induction | Each user will get one per site 

These two forms only appear on the app in the Check-in & out page. 

Would I use these forms? 

These forms would be perfect for you if your team is set up as Users & checks in & out of site. They'll then be able to do their own Pre-Start each day individually & a Site induction per site. 

If you do a Pre-Start as a Team you could turn this off and use our Daily scheduled Pre-Start which has been set up for teams. 

Note: These forms only work if you set all of your Staff up as Users. This feature only works for people who have their own individual login and aren't set up as Team (here's some more information on the difference between Team & Users

How to find the forms

  1. Make sure you have your check-in & out feature turned on
  2. Login to the app 
  3. Click the tick button in the bottom left corner 

  4. You'll see the two forms 

  5. Click on them to complete it 
  6. Sign it off under your name 
  7. You can click back on the check-in button at any time to view your last completed form 

Once these forms are completed they are saved as a normal form in the Saved Forms & Reports section. 

Turn off or Edit User-Specific Forms 

If you don't need this feature or need to edit the contents of the forms, then you can do this from the Admin Console. 

Turning off the Forms: 

  1. Login to the Admin Console 
  2. Go to Forms 
  3. Click the pencil button next to the form you want to turn off 
  4. Find the words form schedule 
  5. Change the ad hoc toggle (this is an orange toggle) to off (so it is grey) 
  6. SAVE 
  7. The form will now have a red triangle next to it 

Editing the Forms: 

You can edit both of these forms from the forms page on the Web. For more information on editing a form check out this article on Altering an existing form. 

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