Deleting Users & Team

As Staff come and go, you may need to delete them out of your Site App Pro account 

Depending on where you set up your Staff (either as a User or Team member) that's where you will need to go to delete them. To delete either Team members or Users you will have to login to the administration console (computer). 

Deleting Team or User:

When team members are deleted, they are sent to the archives. This is so that you can bring them back in your need to grab any staff information or if they come back as an employee. If you are deleting a User, if you unarchive them they will come back as a Team Member. You will then need to convert them to a user from there. To delete: 

  1. Go to Team & Users
  2. Click the bin icon next to the team member you would like to delete 
Want to bring a team member back from the Archives? 
  1. Click the include archives button
  2. Click the archive icon next to the team member you want to bring back 
  3. This team member will now be reinstated into Site App Pro and will be able to complete forms as normal 

Convert Team to Users? 

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the Team member
  2. Click convert to user in the top right corner
  3. Add an email address & password for them to login with 
  4. SAVE

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