Using the Maintenance Value

Maintenance Value is an answer type which can be used to keep your maintenance checks up to date

Maintenance Value is an answer type, which is used in our Default Maintenance Equipment Register form or can also be added to your custom forms. This answer type allows you to: 

  • Select the piece of Equipment you are maintaining 
  • Enter the Value - if your equipment maintenance schedule is based on length of time (Hours, Kilometers etc.)

Adding Maintenance Value to your Forms 

  1. Log in to the Administration Console (Web) 
  2. Go to Forms 
  3. Edit an Existing form or add a Custom Form 
  4. Add a Question 
  5. Make the Answer Typer Maintenance Value 
  6. SAVE 

You can then go through an complete your form as shown below. There are now two ways of maintaining equipment:


Maintenance Schedule is based on a date period e.g. Maintained every year, every 6 months, every fortnight etc. 


Maintenance Schedule is based on a value e.g. Maintained every 15,000km, every 200 hours etc. 

Once you have answered the Maintenance Value this will then update the Maintenance Due Period on the Equipment Page and straight from your Dashboard. For more info on this check this article out: Recording Equipment Maintenance

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