Pinning a Form to your Daily Diary Screen

A Pinned form acts as a register or living document, that you can update and edit for the duration of your Site

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  • Pinning your Form
  • What Form should I pin?
  • Unpinning Forms
  • Using Pinned Forms

  • This allows you to select a blank form or a previously completed form on your site. When you select this form it is then pinned to your Diary Screen, which you can add to and edit over time, acting as a register or living document.

    Pinning your Form 

    1. Login to your Administration Console (Web)
    2. Go to Sites
    3. Edit an Existing Site or add a new one
    4. Click Pinned Forms/Registers
    5. Choose the Type of Form you want to add Risk Register or Hazardous Substances Register 
    6. Click Pick Form

    What form should I pin? 

    Once you've selected Pick Form it will bring a Pop Up of all form types, you can choose from either: 


    Copies of an Existing Completed Forms

    These are all forms that have been completed before, showing the Form Type, the Date it was completed & the Site it was completed on. You can view this form to check it's the correct one by clicking on the  View icon. By selecting a copy of a completed form, it gives you a base to add to or edit as you need to. An example of using this is: 

    When you have a similar environment in different sites, so you want to use the same form. That way you can use the previous one as a base and add or edit as needed.

    We don't display all completed forms in this list, you will be able to choose from the last completed version of the form per site. If you are wanting to use a form as a template, then we recommend filling in the form on a Demo site that you don't use for anything else. Then you always have the latest copy available to pin to new sites. 

    If you are stuck at all, flick through a message to and we'd be more than happy to help further from here. 


    Blank Forms 

    This gives you a list of a blank copy of all forms. If you select one of these forms you will be selecting a Blank Form which you can start fresh on for this site. 

    Note: You can only pin two forms from this page. One Risk Register and one Hazardous Substances Register. If you need to add more pinned forms you can do this when using the Safety Agreement.

    Unpinning Forms

    Made a mistake? No worries! To unpin your form you simply need to go back to where you pinned your form and uncheck the tickbox. 

    Using Pinned Forms

    After adding your Pinned form, you will then find it on the App: 

    1. Log in to the Site App Pro App on your Mobile/Tablet
    2. Select the Site that you Pinned a Form to
    3. You will find all Pinned Forms at the bottom of your Daily Diary Checklist
    4. Click the Pinned form to Update it
    5. Then SAVE the form
    6. Once the Form is Saved it will then show up in your Completed forms page.
      • Each time a Pinned Form is updated it is saved as a new form, these can then be viewed on the Reports Page. 

    Note: Completing Pinned forms doesn't affect your Form Completion Percentages on the Dashboard or Tablet. These are live forms and can be updated at any time. 
    If you add or edit your form after pinning it, you will need to unpin then repin the form to your site to get the updated version. 

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