Linking to a Completed form within a Form

Need to refer to another form in your Health & Safety Forms?

The Link to Completed Forms question type gives you the ability to link to a previously completed form when completing a form.

A few examples: 

  • Incident Investigation, refer back to the completed Incident form for the incident you are investigating 
  • Referring to a previously completed Risk Assessment while completing an Incident Report 
  • Making a completed form a talking point in a Toolbox Talk

How to Link Completed Forms

You can add this feature to a new form, or to an already existing form.

  1. Log in to the Administration Console (Web) 
  2. Go to Forms 
  3. Edit an existing form or create a custom form
  4. Add a Question, enter Question Text 
  5. Make the Answer Type: Link to Completed Form 
  6. Select the Form Category that your Form is in 
  7. SAVE 

When you are selecting your linked form, this will bring up a list of all forms completed in the last 30 days in that category. If the form you are looking for is not there you will need to check: 

  • The date it was completed 
  • The form category (e.g. Hazard Analysis, Inspection Reporting, Start of Day, Troubleshooting, etc)
Note: You can only select a form that was completed in the last 30 days. This is because we only store 30 days worth of data on your App so that your phone or tablet doesn't run out of space. 

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