What's a Site Safety Agreement?

For everything you need to know about having a Site Safety Agreement

What is a Site Safety Agreement? 

A Site Safety Agreement is an agreement made between two business working on a Site. This creates a documented agreement of the Health & Safety processes that will be followed on the site and how they will be managed. This helps your business as it keeps you accountable for keeping your Health & Safety regularly updated and monitored on each Site. 

WorkSafe's Benefits

There are a few benefits on using a Site Safety Agreement: 

  • Can make you safer and more efficient in your workplace
  • Improves the communication between all businesses working on Site 
  • Helps you follow the obligations under the legislation to record the following: 
    • Identify and Manage Risks/Hazards and put correct Control Measures in place
    • Train employees or provide supervision when needed 
    • To report Incidents and Accidents 
    • Have First Aid and emergency plans for troubleshooting 

These are all covered in Site App Pro's Safety Agreement. Read more about how to build your Site Safety Agreement in Site App Pro here! For more information on why you need a Site Safety Agreement check out Work Safe. 

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