Adding a Form, Supplier or Resource to a Group

A Group Administrator can add customised Forms, group Resources and Suppliers in a similar manner to an Organisation administrator, these are then available for all your companies/sites in the Group.

Group Forms

A Group Administrator under the menu item Forms sees a list all Forms that are selected for the Group.

Only those Forms created by a Group Administrator are editable.  All forms can be copied to create a new Form for the Group.

Functionally this means:

  • Super Admin master forms (SAP forms) are be made available in any Group based on either a standard set of Default forms or information provided to the Site App Pro team.
  • Group Admin can see what Forms their Group Organisations have available for use and can add to those Forms but can only edit Forms that they (or another Group Admin in the same Group) have added.
  • Organisation Admin sees the Forms available in their own Organisation and can add/edit new Forms specific to their own Organisation and override/customise other Forms.

To create a customised form click on the orange + button and follow the instructions for creating a custom form.  When the form has been saved the icon displayed next to the form name will show as a group icon (two people) rather than the Site App Pro orange icon.

An organisation/site in your Group cannot deleted these forms, however they can schedule them to occur at a certain time and add their own questions to them.

There are some Group hierarchy rules that apply to Forms.

  • A form schedule "attaches" to the Organisation or Group and does not change when altered by a higher hierarchy.  This means that if you as a Group Admin sets a schedule on a form it will be used by the organisation unless they override it.  If you (Group admin) then try and change the schedule again the organisation with the altered schedule will not see the change.
  • If you want to alter a Group form you will need to ensure that it has not been altered by any one of your organisations/sites.  If they have there will be the revert arrow next door to the form, they will need to click on this to revert the form to see your changes.
  • If a Group admin changes a Site App Pro master form any changes by the Super User will not be seen in the Group form.

Group Resources and Suppliers

These are added in the same way as an Organisation.  

The Organisation sees the Resource or Supplier listed but they have only the view icon

next to them rather than the edit/delete icon.

Note: Although the Food item tab is available in the Group Admin Food items added here do not appear at the Organisation level. This will be fixed in the next version of Site App Pro.

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