Recording Staff Training

You can view and access staff training records from both the Reports page and Team page 

When you have new team members, it's important to make sure they have been trained and inducted before working on your site. When staff training forms have been completed you can find them in the reports page and team page. 

You can use a quiz to test your team's understanding of the training they have received.

Viewing Training

You can view training in a few ways: 

  1. Completed Forms on the Reports Page 
  2. 'Training Summary' on the Reports Page 
  3. Team Page. Open the Team Page on your Administration Console, click the 'pencil' icon to edit the team member, scroll down to the bottom of their 'profile' and you will see their completed training forms and any other forms directly referencing their name e.g. site injury and incident forms, induction checklist, check in and out etc. 

Using the Ad-hoc Form "Induction training"

The induction form covers the basics that all team members need to know to be familiar with the site and stay safe. 

  • The Workplace
  • Employment Conditions
  • Health and Safety
  • Hazards
  • Emergencies
  • Incidents and Injuries 
  • Policies

Using the Ad-hoc Form "Competency Register"

This is a template of an on-site training, qualifications, experience and competency register for your employees working on the site, adapted from a Site Safe Template. You can edit this form to suit your own requirements. For information on customising forms, read this article.

Example of form on the mobile device.

In Form Reports in the Administration Console the report looks like this: 

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