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You can view and access staff training records from both the Reports page and Team page 

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When you have new team members, it's important to make sure they have been trained and inducted before working on your site. When staff training forms have been completed you can find them on the reports page and team & users page. 

You can even use a quiz to test your team's understanding of the training they have received.

Note: The forms below can be customised on the Forms page of the Admin Console to suit you and your team.

Viewing Training

You can view training in a few ways: 

  1. Completed Forms on the Reports Page 
  2. Training Summary on the Reports Page 
  3. Team & Users Page 
    • Open the Team & Users Tab 
    • Click the pencil icon next to one of your Team or Users
    • Go to Training History tab 
    • You'll be able to view any forms with the Form Type Staff Training 

If you are using Option 3 (Team & Users Page), the form uses the answer type Select From - Staff List. This is what allows the form to show up in the Team/Users Training History Profile, whoever you select on that list is who's Training History it will show up on. If the form doesn't use that answer type, then the form will show in whoever signed off the forms Profile. 

Note: It's best to use the Site App Pro default Training forms for Staff Training. You can't set the Form Type from your account, this is something that is pre-set in your account. If you want your Training forms to show up in the Training History tab then you will need to edit the Site App Pro default Training forms. 

Using the Ad-hoc Form Induction Checklist

The induction form covers the basics that all team members need to know to be familiar with the site and stay safe. 

  • The Workplace
  • Employment Conditions
  • Health and Safety
  • Hazards
  • Emergencies
  • Incidents and Injuries 
  • Policies

Using the On-Site Induction Form

On-Site Inductions are one of our User-Specific forms that can be used when checking in to site. You can find this form by: 

  1. Click the check in button on the app
  2. Click On-Site Induction 

This form is aimed to be a Site based induction. You can fill in one of these per sites. This asks you whether: 

  • You have correct PPE 
  • You are aware of the Hazards on site
  • You are aware of the Emergency Procedures on site 

Note: This form can be customised on the Forms page of the Admin Console to suit you and your team.

Using the Ad-hoc Form Competency Register

This is a form to note the training, qualifications, experience, and competency register for your employees working on the site, adapted from a Site Safe Template. You can edit this form to suit your own requirements. For information on customising forms, read this article.

Setting a Review Date

Do you need to do follow-up training on a Staff Member? You can set a Review date so you can ensure their training is always up to date. 

  1. Click the pencil icon next to a Staff Member 
  2. Add a Review Name e.g. Health & Safety Review (this name must include the word Review. If you do not add it, Site App Pro will add it automatically) 
  3. Set the Review Date
  4. SAVE

Once this is added, it is saved just like a Certificate/Permit. You'll then be able to view it from: 

  • The Dashboard in the Certificates & Permits Section
  • Receive a Reminder when it is due to update 
  • Delete it from the Resources tab

Review Time: 

Once the Review is due, you can complete the Ad Hoc Form Staff Review to complete the Review & update your next review date. You can find this form by: 

  1. Logging into the App 
  2. Clicking the Orange Plus Button 
  3. Finding the form called Staff Review 

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