Completing Forms Offline

If you are out of range or don't have an Internet connection you can still complete forms in the Site App Pro Tablet/Phone App

Sometimes you are out of cellular data or WiFi range or you run out of data. Luckily this won't stop you completing your Forms, as the latest Site App Pro mobile application gives you the ability to complete and save forms offline. 

The Site App Pro App shows if you have a connection by an icon in the top right corner of the Diary page. If you have a connection the 'WiFi' icon is shown and you can fill out forms and add data as per normal. When you lose connection the 'Red Triangle' will appear. You can still complete forms, but they won't be uploaded to the Site App Pro Server until you are back in connection. 

Note: To use offline mode, you must already be logged into the App. It's always great to check the app is logged in before you move into remote areas as system updates on your device could log you out of the app. 

The number of forms completed when offline (waiting to be uploaded) is shown next to the red triangle. Once you are back in connection your forms will automatically be uploaded to the server, updating your Dashboard on your Administration Console. 

If your tablet/phone reconnects to the Internet and Site App Pro starts to upload the stored offline Forms and the connection is interrupted again, then the app keeps the forms locally and tries again later. If you want it to try again immediately you can click on the red triangle/form count and it will try to upload the completed forms.

Note: Offline Mode is only available in the Site App Pro mobile application. Form completion is the only feature available for offline mode; if you want to add staff or view resources or older completed forms you will need to find a connection. 

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