Emailing Completed Forms

If you have an important Form or you want to be notified whenever a particular Form is completed by your team, you can add your email address (or other email addresses) and have the completed Form sent automatically to your Inbox. You can also email forms manually from within the mobile application.


  • You may want to know about any incidents immediately - add your email address to those Forms so that every time one is completed you receive a copy

Sending Individual Completed forms from the Mobile application: 

If you need to notify someone about an incident, event or an update on site you can send completed forms to an email address from the Mobile/Tablet. 

  1. Log in to your Mobile/Tablet
  2. Open 'SAVED FORMS' from the menu
  3. Click the saved form you want to send 

  4. Click the 'Mail' icon in the top right corner 

  5. Enter the email address and click 'SEND' 

Distribute completed forms automatically to an email address:

If you want a particular form (such as an Incident or Accident form) to be sent to you every time it is completed you can set up forms to be distributed to an email from the Administration Console. 

  1. Login to your Administration Console 
  2. Click 'Forms'
  3. Edit the form you would like emailed to you by clicking the 'Pencil' button
  4. Enter your email address where it says 'Email Recipients', then hit ENTER. You can enter more than one email address.

  5. Click 'SAVE'
  6. You will then be emailed completed Forms in PDF format as soon as the form is completed! 

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