Archiving Sites and Team Members

Finished with a Site or a Team Member has left? In Site App Pro, archiving removes the site or team member from your lists, but allows you to recover the data later, say if you need to return to a past site.

To Archive or Delete a Site or Team Member:

  • Go to the site or team page, from the menu on the left of the dashboard.
  • On the right hand side of your list of sites or team members, click on the "bin" icon next to the site or team member you wish to delete.

Note: Team members who are also users cannot be deleted in this way. To read more about users, click here.

To unarchive a site or team member:

  • Go to the sites or team page.
  • Click on "Include Archived"
  • A list of all members will appear, the ones which have been archived will have an "upload" icon next to them. Clicking on this will restore your team member or site.