Viewing Completed Forms

Viewing how your organisation is running is an important part of managing your Health and Safety. This article will cover how to view your completed forms

If the form you want to view has been completed recently:

On the right side of the dashboard, there is the activity stream. From here you are able to see all forms that have been filled in recently. To view a form that is on the activity stream, just click on that form. It will open a view of the form, with the answers to the questions, and the initials of the person who completed that question beside it. From the bottom of the pop-up box, you can print or email the form.

To View all Forms:

  1. Click on reports on the menu.
  2. At the top, click on Completed Forms.
  3. A list of all completed forms will be displayed.

To view one of the forms, find the form you wish to view, then click on the "eye" icon on the right. This will bring up the pop-up box where you can see the answers to the form, as well as email and print the form.

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