Adding or Changing Users

New workers need Health and Safety too.  Here is how to add them.

Users provide an account to login into the mobile and web to use Site App Pro. As such they are an important part of getting your business up and running. You can also add Team Members (link) who do not have an individual account, but participate in health and safety as part of a team managed by someone on site who does have a User account.

Add New User:

  1. Navigate to 'Business & Users' on the main menu and then choose the 'Users' tab.
  2. Click the circular orange '+' plus button to add the new user.
  3. Fill in their name, email address, an initial password and choose their role and then click 'Save'. Passwords have to comply to the strength requirements as shown below. This article (link) explains more about roles.

  4. A User can choose to have alerts sent by email.  To allow this put ticks in the required boxes before you save the User.
  5. You also have the ability to attach resources directly to a user, if you click the 'Orange Plus Button' you will be able to do this. Once the Resource is added, you will then find it on the 'Resource' page.