Creating and Using a Verifier or Contractor

If you need to work for multiple organisations, you may need a Verifier or Contractor user, so that you only need to use one email address.

A verifier or contractor account lets you login across multiple organisations using the same email and password. A verifier account has manager permissions in any organisation it is in, allowing them to log onto the web - great for Health and Safety consultants. Contractors are similar to field workers, except can log into whichever organisation they are working for that day. You can have multiple verifiers or contractors per organisation.

Note: The organisations that verifiers and contractors login to do not even have to be part of the same group.

Creating a Verifier or Contractor user

To create a verifier or contractor user, you will need a manager or admin in each organisation you wish to access, set you up. This is what the manager or admin has to do:

  • As the manager or admin login to the organisation.
  • Go to "Business & Users" tab and select users.
  • Click on the orange '+' plus to create a new user.
  • Fill in the details of the person who will have the verifier or contractor login. For each verifier or contractor login you create make sure these details are the same.
  • For 'Role' select 'Verifier' or 'Contractor'.
  • Save.

This has to be repeated in each organisation that you wish to access as a verifier or contractor. You can add the verifier or contractor account to as many organisations as you like.

Note: Remember to use the same email address each time when creating a verifier or contractor user for a person otherwise it will not work properly.

Using a Verifier or Contractor account

When signing on to the mobile or web as a verifier or contractor, enter your email and password. You will the be presented will a list of all organisations you have access to. Just select the one you wish to login to.

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