Viewing your Organisations

As a group admin, you will sometimes need to keep tabs on your organisations. In Site App Pro, you can view their dashboards.

To view an organisation's dashboard:

  • Login as a group admin.
  • Click on the edit 'pencil' icon next to the organisation whose dashboard you wish to view.
  • At the top click "Dashboard".

You then will have complete access to that organisation's dashboard. You can filter by 'Sites', select the time period you wish to view, and hover over blue notes to see them as normal. You cannot view other aspects of the organisation via this method, only information that would appear on the dashboard.

If you need to see more information than what is on the dashboard, you can create a "Verifier" user in each organisation using a different email address to your group admin email. To find out how to create and use a Verifier user, click here.

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