Users vs Team

In Site App Pro we have two categories of people who can sign forms. These are users and teams.


'Users' in Site App Pro are added under the "Business & Users" tab and have different roles such as admin, manager and field workers. They have their own logins with an email and associated password which they can use to login to the mobile, and the web also depending on their role. A 'User' is automatically created as a team member when they are created, meaning that they can sign forms.

When a 'User' first logs into a device, they will be able to set their PIN and signature.


Teams are every person who needs to be able to sign forms in Site App Pro, including every 'User' account. Unless a team member is also a 'User', they will not have their own login to a mobile device. Instead team members fill in forms on a 'User's' device. As 'Users' are also team members they can sign forms on a different 'User's' device. Team members are useful if you have a team boss or supervisor and you would prefer if everyone filled in forms on their device, or for workers who don't have their own phone.

For a team member to set their PIN and signature, and admin must sign in on a mobile device, select "Team" from the menu, then select the person you want to add a PIN for. The admin then uses their name and PIN to sign into the person's page, where they can set their PIN and signature.

Every 'User' is a team member, but not every team member is a 'User'.

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