Adding Hazards/Risks and Action Control Measures to be Used in a Form

Don't want to write out all your hazards and control measures each time you do a risk assessment? Read below to learn how to select them from a list.

Within the form builder, Site App Pro has a select from a list question type, where as an answer to a question you can select a staff member, piece of equipment or a hazard. This saves time rather than having to type them out each time.

To add a hazard or control measure so that you can select it from the list:

  1. Select "Resources" from the menu on the dashboard

  2. At the top select either Hazards/Risks or Action Control Measures depending on which you wish to add

  3. Select the Hazards/Risks or Control Measures that are relevant to you from the list generated depending on your Work Activities

  4. If you have other Hazards/Risks or Control Measures that aren't shown, click the orange plus to create a custom Risk/Hazard

  5. Write the name of your hazard or control measure and give it a meta-tag (a way of categorising your hazards and control measures)

Once you have added them, you can select your hazards and control measures from list questions in a form using the question type "Hazards/Risks - Select From" or "Action Control Measures - Select From". To learn how to add questions to a form, see creating a custom form.

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