Using a Site/Job/Customer

Sites are where Health and Safety forms are saved to on Site App Pro, and can be used to separate your Health and Safety for different jobs, worksites or clients. 

For this article we will be referring to these as 'sites'. Please note that your organisation may be calling these something different, such as jobs or clients. The method will still be the same but will have different labels.
Click here if you would prefer to watch a video of how to add sites

The 'Sites' feature is a versatile feature that can be used to categorise your data entry. This can be used to sort the way you view your data from the dashboard, instead of only adding different sites you can label sites as equipment, team members etc.  and monitor the form completion for the different categories. 

Adding Sites

  1. From the dashboard, select the 'Sites' tab.

  2. Click on the orange '+' plus which is near the top left corner.

  3. Enter Site details.

If you want to delete/archive a site read this article here: Archiving Sites

Note: All fields are optional except for the site name.

Copying Sites

If you have a few sites that are similar, you have the option of copying sites. By doing this you can copy the Site info over to a new site in a quick and easy way: 

  1. Log in to Administration Console on the Web 
  2. Click 'Site' page
  3. Click the 'Copy' icon next to the site you want to copy 

  4. Add the name of the new site, edit any details you need to suit your new site. 

  5. Click 'SAVE' 

Adding a Pin to Sites

You can restrict site access to Contractors by adding a PIN to certain sites. 

  1. Click the 'Pencil' button to edit site 
  2. Add 'Optional PIN' 
  3. Then when you are on the Mobile/Tablet, select the site you want to enter and enter your PIN 

Viewing Site Location

You can add your address or your latitude and longitude coordinates for your site, then you can view your site location straight from your Mobile/ Tablet: 

  1. Open 'Sites' Page 
  2. Click the orange 'Location' arrow 
  3. Site location will open in Maps 

Note: When you are changing sites on your Mobile/Tablets, sites are ordered by your distance to the site

Downloading List of Sites

If you want to keep a record of all your sites and site details you can download your sites into a CSV file: 

  1. Go to 'Sites' page on your Administration Console 
  2. Click the 'Download' button 

 A couple of other things to keep in mind are:

  • If a site is active, it is able to be selected by workers. You can enable or disable this by ticking or unselecting the "Active" tickbox on the site.
  • There is a field "Type a new email address to receive completed Forms and press Enter...". This field will send a copy of any completed form that is done "at" that site to the email you enter. This is useful for sending your Health and Safety directly to your clients.
  • All information about a site is available from the mobile. Just go into the menu and select the tab that says "Sites"