Scheduling a Form

You may want your staff to complete some forms at a certain time of day, repeat a form several times in a day or ensure it is completed in a certain month.

To do this you will need to add or edit the form's schedule.

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Quick Guide:

  • Choose Forms from the Main menu in the Site App Pro Administration Console. The list of available forms will be displayed.

  • Click on the pencil (edit) icon beside the form you want to schedule.
  • Where it says "Form Schedule" ensure that 'Daily - Form is to be completed at least once a day' is selected.
  • To schedule a form at a certain time of day, alter the time displayed from '12:00 pm' (default) to the time you would like the form to be completed.
  • Click on the grey plus sign and the time will be displayed in the area below. You may schedule the form for another time of day by repeating this process e.g. you may want to have a 'Take 5' every couple of hours.

  • If you do not work on a Sunday or you want to repeat a form only on two days of the week then remove ticks from the other days of the week. The form will only be displayed in the Diary page of the Site App Pro mobile application on the days you select.
  • You can also choose to repeat a form monthly or select specific months when you want a form to appear. This is useful for setting a twice yearly premises audit. 

Scheduling Options

When scheduling a form you can choose to have no scheduling, so it is an Ad Hoc Form or schedule it to 'Daily', 'Weekly', 'Monthly'. 

Ad Hoc forms can be completed as many times as you need throughout the day. When a form is scheduled it can only be completed once per scheduled time. Ad hoc forms don't contribute to your dashboard statistics however your scheduled forms do through the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly percentages. Ad Hoc forms can be monitored and viewed through the 'Completed Forms' page and 'Form Reports'.

  1. None - Default

    The default scheduling setting, this form will not appear on any of the tabs on the Diary and will only be accessible through an ad hoc form (clicking on the orange plus in the bottom right corner).

  2. Daily - Form is to be completed at least once a day

    This option schedules the form so that it appears on the Diary each day (On the "Today" tab). When you select this scheduling you can change the time(s) at which this form is required to be done by, and the days of the week that it appears.
    The times are changed via a selection of three drop down arrows. Use this to configure the time that you want, then hit the grey plus. You can do this as many times as you would like.
    The days of the week are easy to change; just select or deselect.

  3. Weekly

    This option schedules your form to once a week, and it can be completed on any day of that week. It will appear on the "This Week" tab on the Diary.

  4. Monthly

    This option schedules your form to once a month, and it can be completed at any time during that month. It will appear on the "This Month" tab on the Diary.
    Additionally, this option can be changed so that it only appears during selected months, just select or deselect the months in the list below. By default every month is selected.

Ad Hoc Option - Turning off a Form Completely

All forms have a toggle below them "This form can also be accessed from the list of 'ad hoc' forms." which is on by default. When this option is on, the form can be selected as an Ad Hoc form from the Orange Plus at the bottom of the Diary. Selecting a scheduling option turns this off. Click here to learn more about ad hoc forms.

Note: If a form is not scheduled and you have disabled the Ad Hoc option, the form will not be accessible from the mobile. This will be denoted by a red warning triangle next to the form in the form list.

Wrapping things up: 

  • Scheduling a form brings up the form to complete on the mobile Diary.
  • You can schedule a form by clicking 'edit' on the form you want to schedule and selecting a schedule option.
  • There are options for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • With daily scheduling you can select which days of the week and at what times on those days.

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