Altering an Existing Form

Sometimes you will need to add to or change an existing form to match your business needs. To do this you will need to be able to edit an existing form.

Quick Start:

  • Choose Forms from the Main menu on the SAP Administration Console. The list of available forms will be displayed.

  • Select the form you want to change.
  • You are then able to edit the scheduling and questions within a form.
  • When you have made the desired changes click on the Save button at the bottom of the form.
  • Back at the Form menu, your form will display without the orange SAP* box beside it. This indicates that the form has been changed.

To add a new question:

  • Click on the + icon.
  • Type in your question.
  • Add a prompt e.g. Task complete or done?
  • Change the answer type. Site App Pro has 30 answer types. The most commonly used types are: checkbox, short text, Yes/No, multi-choice. There are also options to pick from a list of staff, equipment or resources.
  • If you want to make you question compulsory make sure the "Required" is displayed as a orange button.

To copy a question:

  • Ensure that the question you wish to copy has a green bar down the left hand side.
  • Click on the Copy question icon.
  • A copy of the question is inserted below the current question.
  • Make changes to the text.